Vodafone’s mobile spam

Posted on February 23, 2008


My wife receives weekly MMS messages from Vodafone. She doesn’t recall opting in to the messages. And after scouring and searching the Vodafone website, we can’t figure out how to stop them coming.

Here’s a typical message:

Saturday 23 February===============

Vodafone Rock The Park returns to Auckland for a day of free l

ive music! Catch Atlas, Elemeno P, Thirsty Merc and The Feelers

live at Three Kings Reserve today. http://go.live/rockthepark

Horsemen Family are charging through the charts with

FEELS LIKE MAGIC featuring Sweet&Irie. http://go.live/dawnraid

Michael Jackson is back in the charts with THRILLER the No. 3

album and the WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHIN' 2008 remix with

Akon at No. 4. http://go.live/thriller

We have 5 Pitbull prize packs, including his new album THE

BOATLIFT up for grabs right here. http://go.live/pitbull

Check out Vodafone's Music Webstore! www.vmusic.co.nz


What’s interesting, is that if this was an email, it’d be illegal.

But as a mobile message, despite being an order of magnitude more intrusive, it’s perfectly legal to omit any form of unsubscribe link, sender identification, or the like.


Oh — and if you are going to send spam, it’d be nifty to make the URLs in you message working links. Otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

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