US Television; does not compute

Posted on April 27, 2008


A random collection of “does not compute” moments that have come to me over a single evening of casual television watching:

  • Isn’t it creepy when direct drug advertising spots spend 15 seconds on the anti-depression drug’s benefits, 35 seconds on the possible side effects (including uncontrollable tremors, coma and death), then a cheery 10 second closer? “Buy our drug. It might make you happier. Or it might kill you.”
  • Isn’t it wierder when there are ads simultaneously screening along the lines of “Have you ever been prescribed Pharmaceuticle X? You might have a legal claim! Call 0800 SUE THEM NOW!”
  • Ad breaks that are wall to wall greenwashing spots including:
    • Coal industry ads about “Clean Coal”, energy of the future.
    • Ads for hydrogen fueled BMWs. Last time I looked, there was a single hydrogen equipped service station in the continental United States. Gee — I guess you’d still have to put that in the “less than alternative fuel options” basket.
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