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Multi-touch precedents

May 30, 2008


With Microsoft’s demonstrations of Windows 7’s multi-touch support, the battle is joined with Apple to define the standard for multi-touch gestural interfaces. Apple is already patenting specific multi-touch gestures, as enabled on the iPhone and newest MacBooks. All of this reminds me of some demos I tried over 10 years ago at a OzCHI conference […]

Opera on Blackberry: disappointment

May 21, 2008


I’ve been using Opera Mini 4.1 on my Blackberry for a couple of weeks now, and it’s a great browser, with support for plenty of advanced browser features, fantastic mobile-enhanced page rendering and a transparent proxy solution that makes 2.5G browsing bearable. But the browser suffers from its lack of integration with its host operating […]

Burglary and online security

May 18, 2008


So we got burgled, while we slept. They took our wallets, a phone, a camera. And of course our home laptop. They even remembered to take the power cord too, bless. So not only do we have to cancel a bunch of cards, we also have to change a bunch of passwords on popular sites. […]

Projector squared

May 10, 2008


An interesting projection-based advertising concept from Projector, the Japanese agency responsible for the wonderful Uniqlock screensaver.

Uniqlock – when screensavers win Best In Show

May 10, 2008


Uniqlock, the strange, entrancing clock/screensaver featuring lithe japanese dancers performing in five second jags, won Best In Show at this year’s One Show Interactive Awards. Projector created the piece, as covered in Creative Review. I loved the screensaver, but must admit it liked it better before I learned it was promoting brand awarenes of a […]

Sky TV moves to a download model

May 3, 2008


The Herald Business section this week noted Sky TV’s new download model for movies and television shows. For $5 per month, existing Sky subscribers can download “all you can eat” from their site, though only after those shows have played on Sky’s network. There’s talk of getting the downloads zero-rated through deals with specific ISPs […]