The iPhone 3G really is that good.

Posted on July 12, 2008


I was the first in line at Auckland’s Queen St Vodafone store on Friday morning. I know the hardcore were there for the 12:01 opening, but I was happier to queue in double-digit temperatures.

The new iPhone is bloody good.

While it’s wider and taller than my Blackberry Pearl, it’s slightly slimmer. I know it’s technically as fat as the older iPhone, but the Mac Air-like cheat that they use, making the phone convex around the back, really does make it feel smaller in the pocket — indeed, smaller than my Pearl. Fantastic physical design.

But the real killer is the App Store. It is so effortless to add applications to your iPhone, it’s almost scary. And because of the power of the SDK, even the pointless apps look and feel great.

Integrated GPS is just that: genuinely integrated, with a host of the new apps making use of geo-location to enhance their functionality. Most phones with GPS are lucky to have a couple of applications for the technology. I already have seven on the iPhone.

As for the speed of the 3G connection: I really try to avoid giving Vodafone any more of my money, so it’s seldom off Wifi.

It won’t be for everyone, and it’ll still have a huge audience of haters. But I’m a fan.

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