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Why I’ll be keeping my Blackberry for now.

July 12, 2008


After this weekend, I’ll be relinquishing the new 3G iPhone to the rest of the Shiftworkers, for it’s actual purpose: development testing for mobile web sites and apps. So now that I’ve declared myself a fan of the iPhone, why will I be keeping my Blackberry Pearl? Because the Blackberry is a better phone and […]

The iPhone 3G really is that good.

July 12, 2008


I was the first in line at Auckland’s Queen St Vodafone store on Friday morning. I know the hardcore were there for the 12:01 opening, but I was happier to queue in double-digit temperatures. The new iPhone is bloody good. While it’s wider and taller than my Blackberry Pearl, it’s slightly slimmer. I know it’s […]

Multi-touch precedents

May 30, 2008


With Microsoft’s demonstrations of Windows 7’s multi-touch support, the battle is joined with Apple to define the standard for multi-touch gestural interfaces. Apple is already patenting specific multi-touch gestures, as enabled on the iPhone and newest MacBooks. All of this reminds me of some demos I tried over 10 years ago at a OzCHI conference […]

RIM-style network for iPhone?

February 9, 2008


With the announcement of the 1.1.3 iPhone unlock, I’m again considering getting an iPhone — just for research purposes, you understand. But as I explained in an earlier post today, I love the way email on my Blackberry just works with our company’s Exchange server. So I’m looking at the iPhone, and wondering: does anyone […]